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Q Are these gazebo kits or fully-assembled gazebos?
A All of the prices listed on our website are for gazebos delivered in modular kit form. Professional factory assembly is available for an extra charge of $1,000, regardless of the size or style of the gazebo you select.
Q Will I need a permit?
A Typically, yes. It's your responsibility to know your city or village codes and property limitations prior to purchasing a gazebo. If you need help determining whether or not you'll need a permit, contact your local village, or contact us directly. We will help you determine your exact permit requirements (if any) prior to ordering, and we can even help you obtain your permit.
Q Are there any legal restrictions or limitations on owning a gazebo?
A If you're part of a homeowner's association, we suggest contacting your association to ensure that a gazebo is allowed on your property. We also suggest showing your local building department your property survey and the planned location of the gazebo. Your building department will be able to tell you where the gazebo is allowed to be set and what height and size requirements (if any) need to be followed.
Q How will my gazebo be shipped to me?
A Your gazebo will be delivered on a flatbed truck – either in modular kit form or fully-assembled and ready to enjoy, depending on which option you select at the time of purchase.
Q How does a factory-assembled gazebo get to its exact location?
A If your gazebo is arriving fully-assembled, you'll need roughly 2' of additional clearance to back up the truck and trailer to unload and roll the gazebo to a solid and level foundation. Optionally, the gazebo can be craned into the location for an additional fee.
Q Are there any other considerations when ordering a fully-assembled gazebo?
A If we are delivering your gazebo fully-assembled, you will need full, open access to the location where your gazebo will be set. You will need to consider issues such as low line wires, trees, soffits, overhangs, uneven drains, landscaping, fences, lot lines, easements, etc.
Q I'm ordering a gazebo in modular kit form. Do you supply the necessary hardware?
A Yes. A box of hardware is included with all gazebo kits, consisting of stainless steel screws, galvanized bolts and nails, and metal connectors and fasteners. Our gazebos are built for maximum structural strength, shearing power, and harsh weather elements. Please use all the hardware that is supplied for structural purposes. Along with your hardware, you'll receive easy-to-follow instructions for assembly of your gazebo.
Q How difficult is assembly?
A Everything is pre-cut – just fasten completed floor sections; screens install underneath to keep out bugs. Wall sections insert and fasten securely into the floor. Upper and lower rail sections install with ease between support posts. Roof panels sit atop the wall plate; you finish the ridge and place the cupola, and your gazebo is complete. Screens and door with lock are mounted inside the wall sections and are held in place with decorative trim. Concrete slabs are not a requirement; the gazebo can easily be anchored on earth. Most gazebo installations can be done with a capable two-man crew.
Q I've ordered a gazebo in kit form, and I have a question about installation. Can you help me?
A Absolutely. If you have any questions about assembling your gazebo, you can contact us, and our gazebo experts will assist you in any way possible.
Q What kind of wood is used?
A The pine lumber used in the construction of our Select Style gazebos is a treated # 1 southern yellow pine that is kiln dried both before and after treatment. Kiln drying virtually eliminates the chances of the lumber splitting or twisting. Once the lumber is delivered to the manufacturing facility, it is run through a planer to remove a very thin layer of material. This process removes any imperfections from material transport and handling from the lumber treatment facility to the manufacturing facility. To further protect your investment, the 4" x 4" support posts (which have a tendency to split if used as a single piece) are actually a combination of two 2" x 4"s and a 1" x 4", similar to a laminate beam. This process ensures that there will be no unsightly cracks or splinters running up the main supports of the gazebo.
Q I'm looking for a gazebo for my hot tub. What would you recommend?
A We recommend a 12' x 18' split-style gazebo, which has one rectangular end and one oval end. This gives the classic look on the entrance side (oval) and an excellent squared-off back end for the hot tub. The 12' width is perfect for a large hot tub (8' x 8') with room for walking along the side and plenty of room for any style of cover lifter. Windows are recommended for two reasons: the smoke film window material provides privacy, and the windows provide protection in inclement weather while also creating a steam-like room in very cold weather. The pagoda style roof is desirable, as the venting capability lets the warm air escape.
Q How do I place my order?
A Select from one of our most popular style gazebos, or design your own using our interactive gazebo designer. You'll be given a price online, and you can place your order immediately right from our website.
Q Is my order secure?
A Ordering from Countryside Gazebos is 100% safe and secure. When you check out, look for the padlock icon near the bottom right of your browser window. This ensures that your personal information is completely safe. In fact, we use the same level of security used by online banking, so your personal information is guaranteed to be safe and secure.
Q How do I pay for my gazebo?
A We offer many different payment options. We accept personal, business, and cashier's checks, as well as all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). If needed, we can split the purchase price amongst two or more credit cards. Additionally, we offer financing options through Wells Fargo financial.
Q How soon after ordering will my gazebo arrive?
A Typically, your gazebo will arrive within four weeks of placing your order. The exact delivery time may vary, however, based on what time of year you order your gazebo.
Q I found a gazebo size/shape/style/option elsewhere online that you don't offer. Can you provide it?
A Very often, yes. Between our pre-configured Select Style gazebos and the configurable options available in our interactive gazebo designer, we've strived to offer the vast majority of sought-after gazebo configurations. If you're looking for a larger gazebo, a smaller gazebo, or a gazebo shape, style, or option not available on our website, please contact us, and we will let you know if we can provide what you're looking for.
Q I found an identical gazebo elsewhere online for a lower price. Can you match it?
A Very often, yes – and in many cases, we can even beat it. If you find a lower-priced gazebo elsewhere online that you believe is identical to a model that we offer, please contact us. We will let you know if the models are in fact identical, and in most cases, we'll offer you the same model at an equal or lower price.


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