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Countryside Gazebos specializes in both do-it-yourself gazebo kits as well as professionally factory-assembled gazebos. Below is a comparison of the benefits of gazebo kits versus pre-assembled gazebos.

Gazebo Kits

Pre-Assembled Gazebos
Easier than building from scratch
Countryside Gazebo kits are virtually complete. With the exception of roof ridge shingles and trim, all gazebo kit sections are completed. All you do is fasten together the completed pieces and voila!, your gazebo is finished.

Great Family Project
Whether you are buying for your own family, retirement community or even a new subdivision that's being built, a Countryside Gazebo kit makes for a great group project. Get the community together and rally for a gazebo in your neighborhood park today.

Floor pieces help with layout
What's nice is that because you're working with a kit, the pieces are quite manageable. When your kit arrives, arrange the floor sections on the lawn to determine the precise location of the support piers. Move them to the side after marking their locations with spray paint on the lawn and you are ready to start the project, ensuring accuracy.

Smaller pieces pass through gates
If you are concerned about getting your gazebo into the backyard because of limited access due to trees or shrubs that are in the way, consider a gazebo kit. Completed floor, wall and roof sections can easily be carried up stairs or thru gates.

Elevated installations are a breeze
If your gazebo will rest on a platform above grade, a gazebo kit is the answer. Smaller pieces can be lifted up to the levels on which they are being assembled as needed. This makes the process much easier – and safer, as well.

No specialized equipment is necessary
Your kit arrives on a pallet that was loaded at the factory with a forklift. Hands unload your new gazebo piece by piece, so arrange for a helper to help unload the kit when it arrives. Basic carpentry tools are all that is needed for the rest of the assembly.

Safer Shipping and Transport
While we take great care in preparing all of our gazebos for shipment, gazebos ordered in kit form are subject to far less potential damage during normal shipping, transport, and handling than are factory pre-assembled gazebos.

Guaranteed Professional Assembly
When your Countryside Gazebo arrives fully assembled, there are no flaws with the assembly. Our professional builders ensure that all the mitered corners will meet up perfectly from the floor to the roof. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.

In a Hurry?
When your gazebo delivery arrives, the job is already done. Just indicate where the spot is that you've prepared and we will set it place. You fasten properly, and the job is complete. Or, have a crane waiting and set your gazebo into place.

Capable of Movement
As large as a fully assembled gazebo is, it is quite simple to move even without a bobcat or forklift, provided you have a couple of PVC pipes to roll it on.


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