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Looking for a gazebo but not sure which style or size is right for you? There are several things to consider when selecting a gazebo: budget, function, maintenance, and – of course – personal preference.

Because gazebo prices can vary widely – from $2,800 for a modest 8' octagon in pine to more than $18,000 for an expansive 12' x 20' rectangle in maintenance-free vinyl with windows – it's easy to find a gazebo that comfortably fits your budget. We offer several different Select Style gazebos featuring the most popular sizes, styles and features at affordable prices. If you're looking to fine-tune your gazebo, our interactive gazebo designer allows you to customize everything from size and shape to roof style, shingle color, and more. Whatever your budget, Countryside Gazebos can help you design the perfect gazebo.

What you plan to use your gazebo for – and how often – are points to consider when selecting a gazebo size and style. Is your gazebo going to be your morning breakfast nook for just you and that special someone, or will it be used as a gathering spot for the whole family? A 12' octagon, for example, can accommodate a cozy seating arrangement for six; a 14' octagon, on the other hand, will accommodate the same six-person seating arrangement with room to spare. Looking for a gazebo for your hot tub? A 12' x 18' split-style (half oval, half rectangle) with pagoda roof and windows is ideal.

Are you looking for a completely care-free gazebo, or do you not mind spending the time to annually seal treat your gazebo? Maintenance-free vinyl gazebos are great for those looking for all of the benefits of a gazebo without the upkeep. A simple, periodic cleaning with a hose is all that's needed to keep a vinyl gazebo looking great. Cedar gazebos, on the other hand, need to be sealed annually with a clear water sealer to keep them looking their best. Left untreated, cedar gazebos will turn a deep, rich gray color over time, leaving your gazebo with a more rustic look – a look which some people actually prefer.

Personal Preference
The final thing to consider when selecting a gazebo is your personal preference. Do you like the traditional, cozy look of an octagon gazebo, or would you prefer a more spacious oval or rectangle? Do you prefer the look of natural wood, or would you like your gazebo painted to match existing siding or other woodwork? Do you want to match your gazebo's shingle color to the color of the shingles on the roof of your home? Everyone has their own unique taste, and whether you want your gazebo to stand out or blend in, Countryside Gazebos can help turn that image of your dream gazebo into reality!


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